Automation Products

The CNC equipment being used to produce the wood products was design and built by Stirkits Automated System Solutions.  We also have other items currently being productized and will become available in early 2019.
If you have an interest in any of them, please send us an email and we'l provide more details about the product and availability.
Computer Controller Quilting Machine

This is being provided as a hobbiest add-on to quilting frames to allow the user to create patterns and run them using a PC or laptop.  The pattern designer will be included in the package (Free download) and the add-on kit is priced under $1200.  This would make it the cheapest in the industry. This add-on is available (1/17) via a kickstarter campaign started Nov 1, 2017.  The kit can be adapted to other quilting frames and we will work with you to support you current machine.  We also plan to create entire quilting frames with the computer control in various sizes from desktop to king size.  The full frame kits will be available in late 2018.


See a video demonstration of the easy to use software here.


Download a copy of the software from here.



Remote Control Lawnmower


Mowing your lawn can be such fun with an inexpensive more and this Remote Controlled mower deck.  Our prototype has been working for a couple of years and is so fun to use that we've spent little time on turning it into a product.  We will have plans for sale in mid 2018 and are researching if there is an interest in the plans or the full kits.  If you might be interested in a kit, please take some time and send us an email with "RC Mower" in the subject line.​

CNC Machine


Stirkits will be creating a number of CNC plans and kits that can be purchased near the end of 2018.

Pen Lathe CNC Program

This program allows a user to graphically design Pens that can be cut using a CNC lathe inexpensively. 


A Video of the software can be found here.


The Software can be downloaded from here and is free to try out. 


You'll need to pay for the program before you can register it and be able to save projects and export CNC G-Code files.